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Entrepreneurial Lessons Learned

  • Start small and build. For Marsha, a success is not about size but wanting to do meaningful work for people who want to ‘do the work’.

  • Look big but operate small.

  • Give thought to the name, select something simple.

  • Create a brand.

  • Beware who’s giving advice and be mindful of what advice you take.

  • Be clear about who you partner with.

  • Templatize everything.

  • Don’t let relationship desires outweigh business needs.

  • Price based on the value to others, not on the effort to produce.

  • It’s okay to give stuff away to establish the relationship but ensure the real value is known.

  • Clearly articulate and manage expectations.

  • Work with the people you want to work with.

  • Go cheap – don’t go “Tesla” when you can go “Volkswagen.”

  • Don’t create structure you don’t need.

  • Mark your calendar daily to track how you’re spending your time. Align your time/calendar with what matters – e.g., producing revenue, building relationships, delivering value.

  • When you can afford to, pay someone to do the stuff you don’t want to do, e.g., administrative work.

  • Make sure to have good tech support so that all technology works together.

  • Keep a good database of all content and contacts. (Outlook address book & notes works great.)

  • Have something to say before you get up to speak.

  • Target the specific media that (podcasts, social media, news outlets, newsletters, etc.) you should follow to stay on top of things and be current.

  • Carefully evaluate and identify what women’s groups/professional associations to be a part of. Know the difference between organizations that exist to truly support women versus those that just want to socialize.

  • Have an exit strategy.

  • Ask for what you want!

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